Strengthening Global Conservation Through Undergraduate Research


One of the most complex agricultural and natural resources challenges of our time is sustainably feeding the world while concurrently conserving biodiversity and the natural environment. We are working in Belize with community... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Adam Willcox (University of Tennessee)
  2. Amanda Kaeser (University of Tennessee)
  3. Emma Willcox (University of Tennessee)
  4. Tom Gill (University of Tennessee)
  5. John Stier (University of Tennessee)
  6. David Butler (University of Tennessee)
  7. Don Hodges (University of Tennessee)
  8. William Giuliano (University of Florida)
  9. Michael Andreu (University of Florida)
  10. Dan Mills (University of Florida)
  11. Lauren Watine (University of Tennessee)
  12. Hannah Shapiro (North Carolina State University)
  13. Elizabeth Becker (SUNY)
  14. Sarah Ottinger (University of Tennessee)
  15. Andrew Franks (University of Tennessee)
  16. Sarah Teman (University of Florida)
  17. Jessee Fraizer (University of Florida)
  18. Laura Vining (University of Tennessee)

Topic Areas

Topics: Community-Based Conservation , Topics: Communication and Education , Topics: Social-Ecological Systems/Coupled Human-Natural Systems


PS-1 » Poster Session and Social (19:00 - Monday, 18th September, Longs Peak Lodge: Diamond East/West)

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