How should we measure human tolerance of carnivores?

Lara Brenner

University of Montana, Missoula

Lara Brenner is a recent MS graduate of the University of Montana's Wildlife Biology program. She is interested in urban conservation, wildlife adaptations to anthropogenic changes, and mitigating human-wildlife conflict. She currently lives in Los Angeles.


          Mountain lions are returning to the eastern US after an absence of nearly a century. This recolonization has spurred conversations among state wildlife agencies about how to manage the reappearance of this large... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Lara Brenner (University of Montana, Missoula)
  2. Libby Metcalf (University of Montana, Missoula)

Topic Areas

Topics: Human-Wildlife Conflict , Topics: Cognitive Research (Values, Attitudes, Behaviors) , Topics: Improving HDFW Science


W-2B » HWC: Big Cats II Americas (10:00 - Wednesday, 20th September, Assembly Hall B)

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