Weddings, 5Ks, and Drones, Oh My! Exploring public use on Missouri's conservation areas

Amy Buechler

Missouri Department of Conservation

Amy Buechler is a public involvement coordinator with the Missouri Department of Conservation. She manages the Department's public use policy, leads collection of public comments on conservation area management plans, and is involved in a number of efforts to listen to Missourians.


The Missouri Department of Conservation (Department) owns or manages nearly 1,000 conservation areas totaling more than 1 million acres statewide. The primary public uses of Department conservation areas are fishing, hunting,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Amy Buechler (Missouri Department of Conservation)
  2. Michele Baumer (Missouri Department of Conservation)
  3. Theresa Hyland (Missouri Department of Conservation)

Topic Areas

Topics: Engaging with the Public , Topics: Wildlife, Tourism, and Recreation , Topics: Changing Demographics and Fish and Wildlife Management


W-3A » Wildlife Recreation Visitor Studies (12:30 - Wednesday, 20th September, Assembly Hall A)

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