Participatory mountain social-ecological scenarios analyses: A critical global comparative synthesis review


Unprecedented climate, social, economic and political changes predicted to occur in the next 30 years present a major challenge for long-term planning towards enhancing social-ecological resilience. Impacts are particularly... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jessica Thorn (colorado state university)
  2. Emily Sinkular (colorado state university)
  3. Claudia Capitani (University of York)
  4. Robin Reid (colorado state university)
  5. Catherine Tucker (University of Florida)
  6. Anne Nolin (Oregon State University)
  7. Cara Steger (colorado state university)
  8. Julia Klein (colorado state university)

Topic Areas

Topics: Collaborative Conservation , Topics: Implications of Global Change


D2-4B » Economics and Livelihoods (15:30 - Wednesday, 10th January, Omatako 1)

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