Fishermen-Otter Conflict in and around Lake Tana, Ethiopia


Fishermen’s knowledge, fishermen–otter conflict and the attitude of fishermen towards the African clawless otter were studied in and around Lake Tana, Ethiopia, during September, 2014–June, 2015 by means of questionnaire... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Engedasew Andarge (Wolaita Sodo University)
  2. Tilaye Wube (Addis Ababa University)
  3. Balakrishnan Mundanthra (Addis Ababa University)
  4. Serfass Thomas (Frostburg University)

Topic Areas

Topics: Human-Wildlife Conflict , Topics: Hunting and Fishing , Topics: Cognitive Research (Values, Attitudes, Behaviors)


D1-2C » Human-Wildlife Conflict: Livelihoods (13:00 - Tuesday, 9th January, Omatako 2)

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