Modelling wildlife connectivity in the KAZA transfrontier region


One of the objectives in designing effective conservation landscapes is to ensure that the space needs of wildlife species are met across large scales and in areas where wild lands are interspersed with anthropogenic land... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Robin Naidoo (World Wildlife Fund)
  2. Piet Beytell (Ministry of Environment and Tourism)
  3. Pierre du Preez (Ministry of Environment and Tourism)
  4. Werner Kilian (Etosha Ecological Institute)
  5. Ortwin Aschenborn (Ministry of Environment and Tourism)
  6. Russell Taylor (WWF Namibia)
  7. Greg Stuart-hill (WWF Namibia)

Topic Areas

Topics: Transboundary Species Management , Topics: Conservation Planning and Evaluation , Topics: Landscape connectivity


D2-4C » Landscape Connectivity (15:30 - Wednesday, 10th January, Omatako 2)

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