Community-based One Health Education at the Human-Wildlife Interface


The interface between humans, domestic animals, and wildlife has been implicated in the emergence of infectious diseases and the persistence of endemic human and animal diseases. For individuals who reside at this interface,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Amanda Berrian (University of California, Davis)
  2. Martin Smith (University of California, Davis)
  3. Jacques Van Rooyen (University of Pretoria)
  4. Beatriz Martinez-Lopez (University of California, Davis)
  5. Monica Nordstrom Plank (University of California, Davis)
  6. Woutrina Smith (University of California, Davis)
  7. Patricia Conrad (University of California, Davis)

Topic Areas

Topics: Engaging with the Public , Topics: ONE Health , Topics: Communication and Education


D3-1C » One Health (08:30 - Thursday, 11th January, Omatako 2)

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