Wide bite angle phosphine ligands in catalysis: from molecular complexes to nanoparticles

Piet van Leeuwen

INSA-Toulouse, LPCNO

After his PhD he started with Shell Amsterdam in 1968 and worked on organometallic chemistry and catalysis. Since 1978 he was head of the section “Fundamental aspects of homogeneous catalysis”. In 1990 he initiated the homogeneous catalysis group at the University of Amsterdam and moved there full-time in 1994. From 2000 till 2005 he was professor of industrial homogeneous catalysis in Eindhoven and director of the National-Research-School-Combination-Catalysis. In 2004 he started in ICIQ in Tarragona till 2015. Then he moved to INSA-Toulouse,where he works in LPCNO. Since 2009 his work focuses on ligand effects in metal nanoparticle catalysis.


In the last two decades we have explored the effect of diphosphine ligands in a number of catalytic reactions.1 Initially the Xantphos ligands were designed for their use in rhodium catalyzed hydroformylation, in which indeed... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Piet van Leeuwen (INSA-Toulouse, LPCNO)

Topic Area

P - Catalysis processes & applications


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