Using muon spin resonsnce spectroscopy to explore the free-radical reactivity of silicon, phosphorus, germanium and boron compounds

Robert West

University of British Columbia

Prof Robert WestB.A. 1950, Cornell UniversityA.M. 1952, Harvard UniversityPh.D. 1954, Harvard UniversityEugene G. Rochow Professor Emeritus President of Silatronix Inc.


Positive muons are subatomic particles of antimatter, with a lifetime of 2.2 microseconds.They can be generated at a high-power cyclotron or similar particle accelerator. During their brief lifetime muons can capture electrons... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Robert West (University of British Columbia)

Topic Areas

P - Computational and theoretical chemistry , P - Advanced synthesis and characterization , Si - Computational and theoretical chemistry , Si - Optical, electrical and magnetic properties , Si - Advanced synthesis and characterization


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