Transition metal catalyzed B-H activation and functionalization of carboranes

Zuowei Xie

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Professor Zuowei Xie obtained his PhD from a joint Ph.D. program of Technische Universität Berlin and Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry in 1990. He moved to the University of Southern California as a Postdoctoral Fellow. He then joined the Department of Chemistry at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1995 as an Assistant Professor, and is currently a Choh-Ming Li Professor of Chemistry and Associate Dean of Faculty of Science. Professor Xie has co-authored over 270 publications in peer-reviewed journals and received an array of honors and awards, including the State Natural Science Award in 2008.


Carboranes are a class of polyhedral boron hydride clusters in which one or more of the BH vertices are replaced by CH units. They constitute a class of structurally unique molecules with exceptionally thermal and chemical... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Zuowei Xie (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Topic Areas

B - Catalysis processes & applications , B - Advanced synthesis and characterization , B - General aspects of inorganic chemistry


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