An AI Enable Digital Physical Exam for the future of Precision Medicine

Mark Punyanitya

PhenoMx, Inc.

Mark Punyanitya is a Biomedical Engineer with advanced degrees in Applied Physiology & Applied Clinical Trials. He facilitates the translation of science, technology, & medicine for the development & commercialization of medical technologies in the digital health arena.As Co-Founder, President, & CEO of PhenoMx, Inc., Mark is focused on commercializing a Personalized Digital Physical Examination for Precision Medicine, Personalized Wellness, and Human Longevity.With over 20 years of experience in the implementation & standardization of medical imaging, Mark has published over 44 papers and his advances in body composition have been applied to a wide range of therapeutic areas.


The time has come where technology is available to create a Digital Physical Examination of the whole body, based on non-invasive imaging.With increasing focus on genomic, metabolomic, and molecular quantification of the human... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Mark Punyanitya (PhenoMx, Inc.)
  2. Girish Srinivasan (PhenoMx, Inc.)
  3. Zachary Rapp (PhenoMx, Inc.)

Topic Areas

Biomarkers and diagnostics, liquid biopsy, imaging, biochip/microarray technologies, advan , Emerging opportunities in personalized medicine, cutting-edge new strategies and solutions


OS2b-R217 » Emerging opportunities in personalized medicine (15:15 - Tuesday, 26th June, 217)

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