The epigenetics of colon cancer & the GCAT |Genomes for Life: a cohort of the genomes of Catalonia


Global DNA hypomethylation increases with patient age and correlates with genomic damage in gastrointestinal cancers (Suzuki et al, Cancer Cell, 2006). This result led us to propose a "wear and tear" model linking aging and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Manuel Perucho (Program of Predictive and Personalized Medicine of Cancer (PMPPC), of the German Trias I Pujol Research Institute (IGTP). Barcelona.)
  2. Sonia Forcales (PMPPC-IGTP. Barcelona.)
  3. Gabrijela Dumbovic (PMPPC-IGTP. Barcelona.)
  4. Sergio Alonso (PMPPC-IGTP. Barcelona.)
  5. Rafael De Cid (PMPPC-IGTP. Barcelona.)

Topic Area

Biomarkers and diagnostics, liquid biopsy, imaging, biochip/microarray technologies, advan


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