Fluorescence-guided tumor surgery using a new RGD-based probe

Alessia Cordaro

University of Turin

Alessia Cordaro graduated in Biotechnology with a Bachelor Degree and in Industrial Biotechnology with a Master Degree at University of Turin (Italy), working on a thesis concerning the development of a recombinant protein for the treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematous. She is a Ph.D. candidate in pharmaceutical and biomolecular science at University of Turin, with a project regarding the development of probes for imaging guided oncological surgery. She has been working in Bracco Imaging SpA since 2012 and her main activities are focused on the biological characterization of new optical imaging probes for cancer and atherosclerosis imaging.


Introduction – Despite many improvements in the treatment of cancer, surgery remains the most important curative option for solid tumors. Fluorescence-guided surgery is a promising strategy to improve surgical resection,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Alessia Cordaro (University of Turin)
  2. Chiara Brioschi (Bracco Imaging SpA)
  3. Federica Chianale (Bracco Imaging SpA)
  4. Luigi Miragoli (Bracco Imaging SpA)
  5. Paolo Oliva (Bracco Imaging SpA)
  6. Giovanni Valbusa (EPHORAN - Multi Imaging Solutions)
  7. Francesco Blasi (Bracco Imaging SpA)
  8. Federico Maisano (Bracco Imaging SpA)
  9. Enzo Terreno (University of Turin)

Topic Area

Biomarkers and diagnostics, liquid biopsy, imaging, biochip/microarray technologies, advan


OS2c-A » Biomarkers and diagnostics, imaging, biochip/microarray technologies (17:00 - Tuesday, 26th June, Amphitheater)

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