Dendrimer-entrapped gold nanoparticles modified with beta-cyclodextrin for enhanced gene delivery applications

Jieru Qiu


Jieru Qiu is a second year PhD student majoring in 'Chimie Macromoléculaire et Supramoléculaire' at the Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier, and studying in the 'Centre national de la recherche scientifique - Laboratoire Chimie de Coordination' (Prof. Anne-Marie Caminade, Toulouse, France). From 2013 to 2016, she was a master student of the Donghua University (Prof. Xiangyang Shi, Shanghai, China).


We describe a safe and highly effective non-viral vector system based on beta-cyclodextrin (beta-CD) modified dendrimer-entrapped gold nanoparticles (Au DENPs) for improved gene delivery applications. In our approach, we... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jieru Qiu (CNRS-LCC TOULOUSE)
  2. Lingdan Kong (Donghua University)
  3. Serge Mignani (Université Paris Descartes)
  4. Anne-marie Caminade (CNRS-LCC TOULOUSE)
  5. Jean-pierre Majoral (CNRS-LCC TOULOUSE)
  6. Xiangyang Shi (Donghua University)

Topic Areas

Integrating Big Data (genome data, pharmacogenomics, therapeutic applications of genome ed , Drug target discovery and integration with individualized therapy, integration of diagnosi , Personalized therapies (cancer, immunology, infectious diseases, clinical case studies, et


OS3a-A » Drug target discovery and integration with individualized therapy / theragnosis (14:30 - Wednesday, 27th June, Amphitheater)

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