Towards heterogeneous quantum networks with solid state single photon sources and atomic quantum memories

Roberto Mottola

University of Basel

Roberto Mottola is a PhD student in the atomic physics research group of Philipp Treutlein at the University of Basel. He is working on quantum memories based on hot atomic vapor and on realizing a hybrid quantum node. Roberto graduated at the Humboldt University in Berlin.


Quantum networks promise radically new applications and novel insights [1]: High-speed quantum cryptography networks will be used for unconditionally secure communication in metropolitan areas, and memory enhanced quantum... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Janik Wolters (University of Basel)
  2. Gianni Buser (University of Basel)
  3. Lucas Béguin (Laboratoire Kastler Brossel)
  4. Roberto Mottola (University of Basel)
  5. Jan-Philipp Jahn (University of Basel)
  6. Oliver Benson (Humboldt-Univerität zu Berlin)
  7. Richard Warburton (University of Basel)
  8. Philipp Treutlein (University of Basel)

Topic Areas

Quantum communication , Solid states and hybrid systems


OS2b-R235A » Quantum communication & Quantum Networks (16:50 - Thursday, 6th September, Room 235A)

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