Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering between two spatially separated regions in Bose-Einstein condensates

Decamps Boris

Basel University

Boris Décamps did his P.h.D in atom interferometry under the supervision of David Guéry-Odelin and Matthias Büchner at the university of Toulouse Paul Sabatier. He is now a postdoc in Philipp Treutlein's group at the university of Basel and works on spin squeezing in BECs.


Many-body entanglement is an active field of research due to both its fundamental aspects and its potential applications in quantum communications and in metrology. We study entanglement properties between spatially separated... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Decamps Boris (Basel University)
  2. Fadel Matteo (Basel University)
  3. Zibold Tilman (Basel University)
  4. Philipp Treutlein (University of Basel)

Topic Areas

Quantum sensors and quantum metrology , Quantum communication , Fundamental science for quantum technologies


OS1a-R236 » Quantum sensors and quantum metrology (14:30 - Wednesday, 5th September, Room 236)

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