Quantum Link Prediction in Complex Networks

Yasser Omar

IT & IST, University of Lisbon

Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Grouphttp://www.phys-info.org/Instituto de Telecomunicações & IST, University of Lisbon, Portugal


Link prediction in complex networks consists in finding which pairs of nodes are likely to be connected, taking advantage of the information encoded in the topology of each network. Complex networks describe many physical,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Yasser Omar (IT & IST, University of Lisbon)
  2. João Moutinho (Instituto de Telecomunicações)
  3. André Melo (Instituto de Telecomunicações)
  4. Bruno Coutinho (Instituto de Telecomunicações)
  5. Istvan Kovacs (Northeastern University)
  6. Laszlo Barabasi (Northeastern University)

Topic Areas

Quantum information processing and computing , Fundamental science for quantum technologies


OS3a-R236 » Quantum information processing and computing (14:30 - Friday, 7th September, Room 236)

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