NV magnetometry of Van der Waals crystals at cryogenic temperatures

Lucas Thiel

University Basel

Since 2014University of Basel (Switzerland), Doctor of Philosophy in Experimental Physics Topic: “Low Temperature Magnetic Sensing using a Color Center in Diamond”2013-2014Harvard University (Cambridge, USA), Master Thesis Title: “Spin Coherence in Nitrogen Vacancy Centers”2011-early 2014University of Basel (Switzerland), Master of Science in Physics


Advancing the frontiers of nanoscience and information technology hinges on the availability of novel tools for nanoscale sensing and imaging. Solid state, electronic spins offer a unique platform to implement robust,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Lucas Thiel (University Basel)

Topic Areas

Quantum sensors and quantum metrology , Fundamental science for quantum technologies


OS3a-A » Quantum sensors and quantum metrology (14:30 - Friday, 7th September, Auditorium)

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