Microwave polarization reconstruction leading to self-calibrated vector magnetometry with atoms

Tobias Thiele

JILA, University of Coloarado

Tobias Thiele studied physics at ETH Zurich, CH. He performed his masters thesis at University of Oxford, UK under the supervision of Axel Kuhn, followed by an internship in the group of H. Jeff Kimble at CalTech, USA. During his PHD at ETH Zurich (supervisors: Andreas Wallraff and Frederic Merkt) he worked on a novel hybrid system coupling helium atoms in Rydberg states to superconducting circuits. During his post-doc time in JILA, USA (with Cindy Regal), Tobias has been working on experiments with single atoms trapped in arrays of optical tweezers, and coupled to nanophotonic structures (collaboration: H. Jeff Kimble). 


There is need for sensitive magnetometers in both fundamental science and applications. Typical applications range from precision measurements and dark matter searches to timekeeping, biological imaging, and navigation.... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Tobias Thiele (JILA, University of Coloarado)
  2. Yiheng Lin (JILA, University of Coloarado)
  3. Mark O. Brown (JILA, University of Coloarado)
  4. Cindy A. Regal (JILA, University of Coloarado)

Topic Areas

Quantum sensors and quantum metrology , Fundamental science for quantum technologies , Atom and ion trapping


OS1a-R236 » Quantum sensors and quantum metrology (14:30 - Wednesday, 5th September, Room 236)

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