EPR-steering with angularly-multimode cold atoms quantum memory

Michał Dąbrowski

University of Warsaw

PhD student (since 2014) in the field of quantum optics and atomic physics at University of Warsaw, Poland. Since the 1st year of BSc studies he has been working in Quantum Memories Laboratory, group leaded by Prof. Wojciech Wasilewski. His research is mainly focus on generation of spatially multimode states of light, using both warm as well as cold atomic ensembles. He has been also involved in projects on micro-macro entanglement and EPR-steering generation between single photon and group of atoms. Currently during writing PhD thesis and looking for postdoc. 


Introduction Entanglement is not only a central concept of the quantum theory, but also an essential resource in a variety of quantum-enhanced practical protocols. Particularly interesting is the broad concept of... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Michał Dąbrowski (University of Warsaw)
  2. Mateusz Mazelanik (University of Warsaw)
  3. Michał Parniak (University of Warsaw)
  4. Adam Leszczyński (University of Warsaw)
  5. Michał Lipka (University of Warsaw)
  6. Wojciech Wasilewski (University of Warsaw)

Topic Areas

Quantum information processing and computing , Fundamental science for quantum technologies , Quantum optics and non-classical light sources


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