Quantum simulators in hybrid nanocircuits

Francesco Tacchino

University of Pavia

Francesco Tacchino received his B.Sc. in Physics (2014) and his M.Sc. in Physical Sciences (2016) from the University of Pavia, Italy, and he is currently graduate student at the same university, where he works on quantum science and condensed matter physics.His research focuses on quantum optics, open quantum systems theory and phenomenology, quantum computing and quantum simulations, with particular attention to superconducting and hybrid platforms and to near-term applications. He is interested in expanding the connections between fundamental physics and technology, by developing models of cavity and circuit QED devices and investigating the quantum thermodynamics of driven-dissipative systems.


Digital quantum simulators are among the most appealing applications of a quantum computer [1]. In principle, any model that can be mapped onto a spin-type Hamiltonian can be encoded in a digital quantum simulator. Then, its... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Francesco Tacchino (University of Pavia)
  2. Alessandro Chiesa (University of Parma)
  3. Matthew LaHaye (Syracuse University)
  4. Michele Grossi (University of Pavia, Department of Physics)
  5. Ivano Tavernelli (IBM Research, Zurich Research Lab)
  6. Stefano Carretta (University of Parma)
  7. Dario Gerace (University of Pavia, Department of Physics)

Topic Areas

Quantum simulation , Superconducting circuits , Solid states and hybrid systems


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