Infrared metrology with visible photons

Leonid Krivitsky

Data Storage Institute

Leonid obtained his PhD from Moscow State University in 2005 with specialization in experimental quantum optics. Then he worked as a postdoc in Turin, Erlangen and Copenhagen. In 2008 he moved to ASTAR in Singapore, where he started his research group. He realized the first interface between the single photon source and live retinal photoreceptor, which lead to demonstration of single photon sensitivity of photoreceptors. He also realized the nonlinear spectroscopy method which allows characterization of samples in the Infrared range using visible light optics.  


1. Introduction.Light in the infrared (IR) optical range is widely used for characterization and imaging in multiple industries. Although conventional methods of IR measurements such as Fourier Transform IR spectroscopy (FTIR)... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Leonid Krivitsky (Data Storage Institute)
  2. Anna Paterova (Data Storage Institute)
  3. Hongzhi Yang (Data Storage Institute)
  4. Changwu An (Data Storage Institute)
  5. Dmitry Kalashnikov (Data Storage Institute)

Topic Area

Quantum sensors and quantum metrology


OS3a-A » Quantum sensors and quantum metrology (14:30 - Friday, 7th September, Auditorium)

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