Social Media Advertising: Xenophobia and Implications on Interpersonal Closeness with Foreigners

Rafaella Gavino

Savannah State University

Rafaella Nutini Gavino is a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine currently pursuing her second baccalaureate diploma in Marketing. After six years immersed in clinical practice (which included overall health care and surgeries in canines, felines, and exotic animals), she decided to explore other talents and became a sales representative for a distributor of veterinary pharmaceuticals. Working as a missionary salesperson, she became passionate about identifying customers needs, also influencing buyer behavior through technical advisement. In her last professional role, Rafaella led a team of fifteen salespeople. As a supervisor, she was responsible for keeping track of sales results and inventory, and for developing promotional campaigns and media platforms. In 2013 she moved to the United States and started a new life-chapter as a Marketing student. As a task-oriented College senior, she has a strong GPA of 3.92 and is a member of important societies, such as Beta Gamma Sigma, and National Society of Leadership and Success. Rafaella is expected to graduate as a Bachelor of Marketing in May of 2017, seeking a career in which she could apply her leadership skills, and her creative and strategic thinking. She will be presenting one of her research papers in the American Marketing Association 2017 Winter Conference.Visit her complete Professional Portfolio at: 


Social Media Advertising: Xenophobia and Implications on Interpersonal Closeness with ForeignersCompanies are heavily relying on social media to promote their products. In a globalized world, advertisements are expected to... [ view full abstract ]


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