Gender Discrimination in the Workforce: Its Impact on Businesses and Employee Performance

Janeth Gabaldon

Savannah State University

Janeth Gabaldon is currently an MBA student at Savannah State University.

Yashikiya Harley

Savannah State University

Yashikiya Harley is currently an MBA student at Savannah State University.

Jerry Greene

Savannah State University

Jerry Green has graduated with an MBA degree from Savannah State University in Fall 2016

Suman Niranjan

Savannah State University

Suman Niranjan is an Associate Professor for Operations Management at College of Business Administration-Savannah State University.  


This paper investigates the association between gender discrimination in four workplace areas; recruitment policies, job performing, managerial roles and wage with employee performance and firm performance in the workplace. It... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Janeth Gabaldon (Savannah State University)
  2. Yashikiya Harley (Savannah State University)
  3. Jerry Greene (Savannah State University)
  4. Suman Niranjan (Savannah State University)

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Topics: MBA/Masters Student Papers


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