Effect of Knowledge Management (KM) on Organizational Success

Lisa Baez

Savannah State University

I am currently attending Savannah State University as a Junior and am pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. I had previously attended Savannah Technical College and was able to attain an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Care and Education. While undergoing my internship and attaining a preschool teacher position, I was able to find a deeper interest into how the business would be able to function better. With my focus on this aspect of the business, I decided to pursue my degree in Business Management. I have been able to learn the many aspects of the business environment and how relevant it is to our society. I have been able to attain positions that have allowed me to put into practice what I have learned and I believe that they have helped me further develop and enhance my management abilities. Though I currently work as an Assistant Manager at Chuck E. Cheese in Savannah, I hope to be able to open my own business someday. With my current position I have been able to successfully apply both of my degrees. Holding an Assistant Management position is merely the beginning of my journey. I also fully intend to further pursue a Master’s degree in Business Management shortly after attaining my Bachelor’s degree as well.


   Knowledge management practices can impact the success of customer relations management within an organization if it used correctly. Implementing this strategic tool effectively can provide an organizational competitive... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Lisa Baez (Savannah State University)

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