A Stochastic Kernel Search Algorithm for Solving Hard Integer Linear Programming Problems

Jeremy North

Murray State University

Jeremy W. North, Assistant Professor of Logistics at Murray State University, received his Ph.D. in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the University of Missouri – St. Louis (2014). His research interests include mathematical modeling and algorithmic development for the solution of large-scale integer programming problems, primarily in the field of logistics. Areas of application are in the topics of facility location and vehicle routing.


Kernel search is a heuristic framework for solving integer linear programming problems. The procedure involves fixing a subset of binary variables to be either 0 or 1 and solving the resulting reduced problem using... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jeremy North (Murray State University)
  2. Robert Nauss (University of Missouri-St. Louis)

Topic Area

Topics: Supply Chain Management, Logistics, POM, & TQM


SC2 » Goal Programming/Heuristic Solution Improvement/Kernel Search Algorithm (15:00 - Thursday, 23rd February, Ashley)



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