The Transforming Power of Undergraduate Research: An Observation

Derald Wentzien

Wesley College

Derald Wentzien is a professor of mathematics and teaches a variety of courses at Wesley College in Dover, Delaware.  He obtained his Ph.D. in Operations Research from the University of Delaware in 1996.  The courses he teaches include statistics, finite mathematics, linear algebra and probability.  He has also mentored several  undergraduate students in the past five years. Kasey Thompson is a middle school math teacher at Woodbridge Middle School in Woodbridge, Delaware.  Kasey completed a B.S. degree in mathematics and participated in undergraduate research during her time at Wesley College.      


Many colleges and universities have adopted and incorporated undergraduate research into their programs. The students who perform undergraduate research gain valuable experiences working through the research process and the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Derald Wentzien (Wesley College)
  2. Kasey Thompson (Woodbridge Middle School)

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Topics: Innovative Education & Teaching Pedagogy


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