Applying Sequel to genomic datasets


Here we present our current status using the Sequel platform and compare with RS II results. In the past year we've had the opportunity sequence microbes, fungi, and metagenomes where we have RS II P6/C4 data from the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Alicia Clum (LBNL-Joint Genome Institute)
  2. Chris Daum (LLNL-Joint Genome Institute)
  3. Matt Zane (LBNL-Joint Genome Institute)
  4. Kristi Spittle (Pacific Biosciences)
  5. Alex Copeland (LBNL-Joint Genome Institute)

Topic Area

Sequencing strategies and technology advancements using the various NGS platforms


PS-2 » Poster Session B (20:00 - Tuesday, 16th May, Mezannine & New Mexico Room)

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