Accurate targeted assembly and variant calling from NanoString Hyb & Seq data


The Hyb & Seq technology is a novel single molecule approach for targeted DNA resequencing developed by NanoString. Given a short fragment of a reference genome (e.g., 100-200 bps), Hyb & Seq aims to find all mutations in this... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Alexander Shlemov (Saint Petersburg State University)
  2. Andrey Bzikadze (Saint Petersburg State University)
  3. Anton Korobeynikov (Saint Petersburg State University)

Topic Areas

Sequencing strategies and technology advancements using the various NGS platforms , De novo sequencing, re-sequencing, Human seq., RNA seq., metagenomics, etc. , Bringing sequence to the clinic (i.e., diagnostics, cancer, inherited disorders)


PS-2 » Poster Session B (20:00 - Tuesday, 16th May, Mezannine & New Mexico Room)

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