Next-Generation Mapping for Genome Assembly and Structural Variation Analysis


Next-generation mapping (NGM) from Bionano Genomics allows researchers to interrogate genomic structural variations (SVs) in the range of one kilobase pairs and above. It uses extremely long range information to span... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Alex Hastie (Bionano Genomics)
  2. Andy W Pang (Bionano Genomics)
  3. Joyce Lee (Bionano Genomics)
  4. Ernest T Lam (Bionano Genomics)
  5. Thomas Anantharaman (Bionano Genomics)
  6. Warren Andrews (Bionano Genomics)
  7. Michael Saghbini (Bionano Genomics)
  8. Han Cao (Bionano Genomics)

Topic Areas

Whole genome assemblers and integration of next generation dataTopic #1 , Comparative genomics, re-sequencing, SNPs, structural variation , Bringing sequence to the clinic (i.e., diagnostics, cancer, inherited disorders)


TT-3 » Assembly & Analysis (16:05 - Thursday, 18th May, La Fonda Ballroom)

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