Library-free, targeted sequencing of native gDNA from FFPE samples using Hyb & SeqTM technology – the hybridization based single molecule sequencing system


DNA sequencing is a promising tool for personalized medicine, but widespread implementation is hindered by complexities in sample preparation and sequence analysis. Hyb & Seq technology is a library-free, amplification-free... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Michael Rhodes (Nanostring Technologies)
  2. Rustem Khafizov (Nanostring Technologies)
  3. Liz Manrao (Nanostring Technologies)
  4. Matthew Walsh (Nanostring Technologies)
  5. Erin Piazza (Nanostring Technologies)
  6. Mithra Korukonda (Nanostring Technologies)
  7. Margaret Hoang (Nanostring Technologies)
  8. Yi Deng (Nanostring Technologies)
  9. Dwayne Dunaway (Nanostring Technologies)
  10. Dae Kim (Nanostring Technologies)
  11. Joseph Beechem (Nanostring Technologies)

Topic Areas

Sequencing strategies and technology advancements using the various NGS platforms , Bringing sequence to the clinic (i.e., diagnostics, cancer, inherited disorders)


TT-2 » Sample Preparation & Sequencing (15:50 - Tuesday, 16th May, La Fonda Ballroom)

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