Using Linked-Reads to enable efficient de novo, diploid assembly


Assembly of mammalian genomes using cost effective, accurate short reads is challenging. Further, commonly used reference based approaches are limited to organisms that have a reference assembly and can be inadequate for... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Stephen Williams (10x Genomics)
  2. Claudia Catalanotti (10x Genomics)
  3. Jill Herschleb (10x Genomics)
  4. Vijay Kumar (10x Genomics)
  5. Preyas Shah (10x Genomics)
  6. Neil Weisenfeld (10x Genomics)
  7. Michael Schnall-levin (10x Genomics)
  8. David Jaffe (10x Genomics)
  9. Deanna Church (10x Genomics)

Topic Areas

De novo sequencing, re-sequencing, Human seq., RNA seq., metagenomics, etc. , Whole genome assemblers and integration of next generation dataTopic #1 , De novo assemblers for short reads, hybrid assemblers


TT-3 » Assembly & Analysis (16:05 - Thursday, 18th May, La Fonda Ballroom)

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