High Density Electronic Maps To Verify Structural Variation in Human Genomes


Despite advances in next generation sequencing technologies, limitations imposed by short read length combined with sequence features such as polymorphism and copy number repeats present challenges for genomic assembly and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. John Oliver (NABsys 2.0)
  2. Barrett Bready (NABsys 2.0)
  3. Jennifer Davis (NABsys 2.0)
  4. Michael Kaiser (NABsys 2.0)
  5. Jay Sage (NABsys 2.0)
  6. Leah Seward (NABsys 2.0)

Topic Areas

Sequencing strategies and technology advancements using the various NGS platforms , Next generation finishing tools, technologies and pipelines , Comparative genomics, re-sequencing, SNPs, structural variation


TT-2 » Sample Preparation & Sequencing (15:50 - Tuesday, 16th May, La Fonda Ballroom)

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