Sequencing insect genomes on a budget


Predicting phenotype from genotype charts the future of biological research. Success in such prediction depends on an ability to routinely sequence and analyze genomes of thousands of individuals from select model organisms.... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Qian Cong (University of Texas Southwestern)
  2. Jinhui Shen (University of Texas Southwestern)
  3. Wenlin Li (University of Texas Southwestern)
  4. Jing Zhang (University of Texas Southwestern)
  5. Dominika Borek (University of Texas Southwestern)
  6. Zbyszek Otwinowski (University of Texas Southwestern)
  7. Nick Grishin (Howard Hughes Medical Institute and University of Texas Southwestern)

Topic Areas

Sequencing strategies and technology advancements using the various NGS platforms , De novo sequencing, re-sequencing, Human seq., RNA seq., metagenomics, etc. , De novo assemblers for short reads, hybrid assemblers


OS-3 » Agricultural Genomics (10:00 - Wednesday, 17th May, La Fonda Ballroom)

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