De Novo Assembly of High Density Electronic Maps Reveal Structural Diversity in Bordetella pertussis


Long-range information is able to reveal structural differences between Bordetella pertussis strains. Long read sequence information has recently shown utility in identifying structural heterogeneity in strains isolated from a... [ view full abstract ]


  1. John Oliver (NABsys 2.0)
  2. Michael Kaiser (NABsys 2.0)
  3. Barrett Bready (NABsys 2.0)
  4. Jennifer Davis (NABsys 2.0)
  5. Boris Grinberg (NABsys 2.0)
  6. Jay Sage (NABsys 2.0)
  7. Leah Seward (NABsys 2.0)

Topic Areas

Next generation finishing tools, technologies and pipelines , Recalling and calibrating genome assemblies , Comparative genomics, re-sequencing, SNPs, structural variation


PS-2 » Poster Session B (20:00 - Tuesday, 16th May, Mezannine & New Mexico Room)

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