Risk Communication Needs for Immunization of Immigrant Populations: Process and Challenges in Developing an International Strategy


Recent outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases (such as measles) have underscored the urgent need to improve immunization rates internationally to reduce adverse health impacts and achieve herd immunity targets. ... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Cindy Jardine (School of Public Health, University of Alberta)
  2. Frederic Bouder (Maastricht University)
  3. S. Michelle Driedger (University of Manitoba)
  4. Nikki Turner (University of Auckland)
  5. Lesley Gray (University of Otago)
  6. Anita Heywood (University of New South Wales)
  7. Barbara Rath (Vienna Vaccine Safety Initiative)

Topic Area

International and cross-border collaborations in risk reduction


T4_B » Health 2 (13:30 - Monday, 20th June, CB3.9)

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