Impacts in Language Research: Crossing the Border from Research to Wellbeing

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Sociolinguistics has a long tradition of tackling ‘problems of human wellbeing’ in the context of educational opportunities, access to justice, employment practices, gender equality, and so on (cf. Labov 1982; Wolfram... [ view full abstract ]

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  1. Karen Corrigan (Newcastle University)
  2. Jo Angouri (university of warwick)
  3. Dave Sayers (Sheffield Hallam University)
  4. Robert Lawson (Birmingham City University)
  5. Paul Seedhouse (Newcastle University)
  6. Diana Boxer (University of Florida)
  7. Louisa Willoughby (Monash University)
  8. Howard Manns (Monash University)
  9. Shimako Iwasaki (Monash University)
  10. Meredith Bartlett (Monash University)
  11. Susan Tamasi (Emory University)
  12. Betsy Barry (Illocution Inc)

Topic Area

Language and community


W330CR4/L » Long Colloquium (15:30 - Wednesday, 27th June, Case Room 4)

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