Developing language awareness and reinforcing linguistic diversity through participatory sociolinguistic methods

Abstract - English

This colloquium brings together scholars working on language diversity, minorities, language and power, and education. The participants share methodological orientation towards linguistic ethnography and action research in... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Heini Lehtonen (University of Helsinki)
  2. Janne Saarikivi (University of Helsinki)
  3. Ekaterina Gruzdeva (University of Helsinki)
  4. Sari Pöyhönen (University of Jyvaskyla)
  5. Mirja Tarnanen (University of Jyvaskyla)
  6. Irina Piippo (University of Helsinki)
  7. Elena Ioannidou (University of Cyprus)
  8. Lillian Gorman (University of Arizona)
  9. NANSIA KYRIAKOU (University of Cyprus)
  10. Elisavet Kiourti (University of Cyprus)
  11. Valentina Christodoulou (University of Cyprus)
  12. Holly HK Didi-Ogren (The College of New Jersey)
  13. Brigitta Busch (Universität Wien)

Topic Area

Language and multilingualism


S8040C/L » Long Colloquium (08:00 - Saturday, 30th June, OGGB 040C)

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