The sociolinguistics of sport: From the local to the transnational

Abstract - English

Sport facilitates the crossing of national borders, such as migration to play professional sport in another country, or the coming together of nations at a transnational event such as the Olympics. However, sport is also... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Nick Wilson (Macquarie University)
  2. Kieran File (university of warwick)
  3. Fergus O'dwyer (University College Dublin & University of M√ľnster)
  4. Elaine Vine (Victoria University of Wellington)
  5. Sender Dovchin (The University of Aizu, Japan, & Curtin University)
  6. Shaila Sultana (University of Dhaka)
  7. Nele Gerhardt (Saarland University)
  8. Ben Clarke (University of Portsmouth)

Topic Area

Language and identities


F330321/L » Long Colloquium (15:30 - Friday, 29th June, OGGB 321)

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