Multi-disciplinary Interagency Approaches – Barnahus Promoting Justice and Care for Children in Europe

Turid Heiberg

Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat

Turid Heiberg is the co-ordinator of the PROMISE project consisting of partners from Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat (CBSS), Child Circle, the Verway-Junker Institute, Barnahus in Linköping, Iceland and Stockholm and the Kenter in Netherlands. A group of experts are mentoring the project that aims to encourage the establishment of many countries in Europe. Turid is Head of the Children at Risk Unit in CBSS and she has many years of experience in promoting human rights and children's rights at national and international level. 

Bragi Guðbrandsson

General Director, National Child Protection Authority, Iceland

Bragi Guðbrandsson is founder of the Icelandic Barnahus, which inspired all Nordic and European Barnahus. He is Sociologist and former chair of the Lanzarote Committee, Iceland).

Ólöf Ásta Farestveit

Head of the Barnahus, Iceland

Ólöf Ásta Farestveit is head of Barnahus Reykjavik and expert in forensic interviewing of children.

Andrea Goddard

Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Andrea Goddard is a medical doctor with long experience in medical assessment of children victims of violence. Andrea has been supporting the establishment of Barnahus similar services in London.

Janet van Bavel

project-leader Kenter Jeugdhulp, Netherlands

Janet van Bavel has a long career in trauma treatment and youth care and is head of the Academic Workplace on Child Abuse and Neglect in the Netherlands, lead of the MultiDisiplinary Center on tackling Child Abuse and Neglect (MDCK) Hoofddorp with Child And Youth Trauma Center (KJTC) Haarlem; offering children and parents a single location for intake and care; the one stop shop approach.

Gordana Buljan Flander

Director of Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb

Professor Gordana Buljan Flander, is the director and initiator of the Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb. Gordana is an important advocate for children's rights in Croatia. 


Turid Heiberg, corresponding author, PROMISE Coordinator and moderator of the symposium PROMISE is an EC funded project promoting multidisciplinary and interagency services for child victims and witnesses of violence. The... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Turid Heiberg (Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat)
  2. Bragi Guðbrandsson (General Director, National Child Protection Authority, Iceland)
  3. Ólöf Ásta Farestveit (Head of the Barnahus, Iceland)
  4. Andrea Goddard (Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust)
  5. Janet van Bavel (project-leader Kenter Jeugdhulp, Netherlands)
  6. Gordana Buljan Flander (Director of Child and Youth Protection Center of Zagreb)

Topic Area

Multi-disciplinary Interagency Approaches (MDIA) and Child Protection Units [Micromanageme


Symposia17 » Session 3-Multidisciplinary Interagency Approaches (16:15 - Tuesday, 3rd October, Asia Room)

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