Atmospheric densities and interfacial tensions for fatty acid methyl esters (from methyl formate to Methyl heptanoate) + water demixed mixtures


In the last decade, the development, formulation and use of renewable fuels have been focused on biofuels. At the early stage, the biofuels were obtained from agricultural biomass but due to the ethical uses of the land, the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Irene Del Pozo (Universidad de Concepción)
  2. Marcela Cartes (Universidad de Concepción)
  3. Andrés Mejía (Universidad de Concepción)
  4. Felix Llovell (Institut Químic de Sarrià, Barcelona,)

Topic Area

Interfacial and confined phenomena


I & C - 2 » Parallel Session - Interfaces and Confined Phenomena (10:30 - Thursday, 7th September, Prestonfield)

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