Experimental and Modelling Study of the Phase Behaviour of (Butanoic Acid+Carbon Dioxide), (Methyl Propanoate+Carbon Dioxide) and (Methyl Propanoate+Propanoic acid+Carbon Dioxide) at Temperatures Between (323.15 and 423.15) K and Pressures up to 20 MPa


Abstract Biodiesel is a promising renewable and sustainable fuel that can replace fossil fuels in some applications. Among the different techniques used to produce biodiesel, the transesterification process is currently the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Sultan Al-Habsi (Imperial College London, Department of Chemical Engineering)
  2. J. P. Martin Trusler (Lo)
  3. Saif Z. S. Al Ghafri (University of Western Australia)

Topic Area

Challenges and advances in fluid phase equilibria


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