CO2 capture with glymes - soft-SAFT EoS modeling


The oxygenation of alkyl chains is a well-known approach for enhancing the CO2 sorption, being even the basis of the two most successful industrial processes for natural gas sweetening (Rectisol and Selexol). Nevertheless,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Emanuel A. Crespo (CICECO- Aveiro Institute of Materials)
  2. João M. L. Costa (CICECO- Aveiro Institute of Materials)
  3. Monique Amaral (Tiradentes University)
  4. Claudio Dariva (Tiradentes University)
  5. Pedro Carvalho (CICECO- Aveiro Institute of Materials)
  6. Lourdes F. Vega (KUST - Khalifa University of Science and Technology)
  7. João A. P. Coutinho (CICECO- Aveiro Institute of Materials)

Topic Area

Carbon capture and other industrial applications


CCS - 2 » Parallel Session - Carbon Capture and Other Industrial Applications (14:30 - Thursday, 7th September, Prestonfield)

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