Modelling the Separation of Cobalt and Nickel Using Ionic Liquids


Cobalt and Nickel are important metals, with their alloys being used to produce, amongst other things, strong magnets and high-strength, corrosion-resistant machine components. They are often found together in, for example,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Simon Halstead (University of Manchester)
  2. Andrew Masters (University of Manchester)
  3. Megan Jobson (University of Manchester)
  4. Hongyan Chen (University of Manchester)
  5. Maria Gonzalez-miquel (University of Manchester)

Topic Areas

Carbon capture and other industrial applications , Challenges and advances in fluid phase equilibria


CCS - 1 » Parallel Session - Carbon Capture and Other Industrial Applications (14:30 - Wednesday, 6th September, Prestonfield)

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