Viscosities of Liquid Hexadecane and Squalane at Temperatures up to 723 K Measured using a Dual-Capillary Viscometer


Accurate viscosity data are crucial in numerous engineering and science disciplines, for example in the oil industry where mixtures of hydrocarbons are produced and/or processes under conditions of high temperatures and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ian Emerson (Imperial College London)
  2. Richard Glover (Imperial College London)
  3. Oliver Herbage (Imperial College London)
  4. Yolanda Sanchez Vicente (Imperial College London)
  5. Rodrigo Susial (Universidad de Valladolid)
  6. J. P. Martin Trusler (Imperial College London)
  7. Omolegho Udugbezi (Imperial College London)
  8. Charlotte Whelan (Imperial College London)

Topic Area

Carbon capture and other industrial applications


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