A model for developing evidence-based health tourism – The case of the "Alpine Health Region Salzburg, Austria"

Georg Christian Steckenbauer

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems

Prof.(FH) Dr. Georg Christian Steckenbauer is a full-time professor at the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, Austria. His research focus is on health tourism, but his work also includes topics in the field of service design and experience design, and tourism research in general. His research projects are often conducted in close cooperation with Austrian tourism industry. / Recent publications: Hartl, A., Pichler, C., Lymann, R., & Steckenbauer, G.C. (2016). Gesundheitstourismus in den Alpen. Natur als Basis wirksamer Anwendungen. in: Bieger, T., Beritelli, P, & Laesser, C. (ed.). Gesellschaftlicher Wandel als Herausforderung im alpinen Raum. Schweizer Jahrbuch für Tourismus 2015/16. Erich Schmidt Verlag, Berlin. p. 27-45 / Steckenbauer, G.C., Tischler, S., Hartl, A., &Pichler, C. (in print) Destination and product development rested on evidence-based health tourism. in: Smith M.K., & Puczkó, L. (eds.) Handbook of Health Tourism.


The rapid market development in health and wellness tourism in recent years has quite often led to a neglect of quality and evidence indicators (Populorum, 2008). For this reason, evidence-based services with scientifically... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Georg Christian Steckenbauer (IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems)
  2. Stephanie Tischler (IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems)
  3. Arnulf Hartl (Paracelsus Medical University)
  4. Christina Pichler (Paracelsus Medical University)

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Topics: Symposium


OS-A1 » Wellness Tourism and Sustainable Tourism: A Symbiotic Relationship? Part I (09:00 - Monday, 3rd October, Tavolara Room, Santa Chiara Complex)

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