The Clunes Book Town festival as a model of sustainable rural tourism

Michelle Duffy

Federation University Australia

Michelle Duffy is a Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Federation University Australia. Her research focuses on four broad but interrelated areas: the examination of the concepts of community resilience, wellbeing and sustainability; the significance of emotion and affect in creating notions of belonging and exclusion; the role of art practice – specifically that of sound, music and performance – in creating and/or challenging notions of identity and belonging in public spaces and public events; and an exploration of the body as a means of embodied, emotional and affective communication.

Judith Mair

University of Queensland

Dr Judith Mair is a Senior Lecturer in Event Management in the Tourism Cluster of the UQ Business School, University of Queensland, Australia. Her research interests include the impacts of events on community and society; consumer behaviour in events and tourism; the relationship between events and climate change; and business and major events. Judith is working on a number of projects including researching the links between events and social capital; investigating events and social justice and inclusion and understanding the benefits for attendees of attending conferences and conventions; and assessing the potential impacts of climate change on the tourism and events sector. She is the author of ‘Conferences and Conventions: A Research Perspective’ and ‘Events and Sustainability’, both published by Routledge in 2015 as well as over 30 academic papers in internationally recognised journals.


Clunes is a small rural town located in Victoria, Australia. Creative Clunes, established as part of the Australian government’s rural renewal program, was successful in 2012 in its application to have Clunes accepted as... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Michelle Duffy (Federation University Australia)
  2. Judith Mair (University of Queensland)

Topic Areas

Topics: Tourism and Resilience , Topics: Rural Tourism Development


OS-I1 » Rural Tourism Branding (09:00 - Wednesday, 5th October, Tavolara Room, Santa Chiara Complex)

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