Tourism development project for Anzio Local Government

Maria Rita Schirru

La Sapienza of Rome

Maria Rita Schirru, architect and engineer, PhD in Urban and Regional Planning, is specialized in the study of the city's transformation phenomena.She has partnered with Resources for Roma spa as a consultant for the bankruptcy proceedings of public works and the Municipality of Rome for the recovery and redevelopment of the suburbs.She has been a member of the Mission Structure of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Technology for the examination of strategic interventions provided by the "Objective Law" and the Central Vigilance Commission for social housing and economic at the same ministry.He has carried out research and teaching activities at the Sapienza University of Rome and is currently a research fellow at the Department of Communication and Social Research of the same university


The town of Anzio on the Roman coast is one of many Italian geographical areas that have still to complete the successful transition from rural land to "tourist destination" because tourist demand, which is increasingly... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Maria Rita Schirru (La Sapienza of Rome)

Topic Areas

Topics: Policy and Governance , Topics: Social and Environmental Dimensions of Tourism , Topics: Coastal Tourism


OS-I1 » Rural Tourism Branding (09:00 - Wednesday, 5th October, Tavolara Room, Santa Chiara Complex)

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