Traveller Satisfaction with Chinese Airports

Wen Zhao

Colorado State University

Wen Zhao is currently a Phd student in department of Human Dimension of Natural Resources in Warner College of Natural Resources, Colorado States University in United States. She graduated from the Master of Tourism Program from CSU 2 year ago and is hoping to continue pursuing professional academic career in the field of tourism. During the study, she developed her interests in cross-cultural analysis with the integration of anthropology and psychology in research on leisure, recreation and tourism. She is looking for opportunities to conduct research in inbound tourism markets in America. Her career goal is to work in both international tourism specially dealing with inbound tourism industry in America and also assisting local government with proper destination management of their nature-based tourism in Asia.


Research indicates that perceived service quality affects consumer satisfaction. This article examined the predicted positive relationship between service perceptions and satisfaction among travellers in three Chinese airports... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Wen Zhao (Colorado State University)
  2. Jerry Vaske (Colorado State University)

Topic Area

Topics: Tourism and the Sharing Economy


OS-J1 » Branding Integration and Innovation (11:30 - Wednesday, 5th October, Tavolara Room, Santa Chiara Complex)

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