Constructing a Healthy Region: Zeeland, the Netherlands

Peter Kruizinga

HZ University of Applied Sciences / Wageningen University and Research Centre

Peter Kruizinga is senior lecturer and researcher at HZ University, the Netherlands and PhD candidate in Wageningen University and Research Centre. His fields of research are: biopolitics, health and lifestyle, health tourism, wellbeing. He is in the management committee of the COST Action ToBeWell, on ecosystem services and wellbeing. He published on coastal wellness, the use of heritage for health tourism, nature and wellbeing and health tourism. He is preparing a PhD thesis on the construction of a healthy region in Zeeland, the Netherlands.


Objective: to critically evaluate the construction of a “healthy region” in the coastal province of Zeeland in the Netherlands, as an example of the growing intertwining of tourism with health and lifestyle issues. What... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Peter Kruizinga (HZ University of Applied Sciences / Wageningen University and Research Centre)

Topic Areas

Topics: Social and Environmental Dimensions of Tourism , Topics: Health and Wellness Tourism , Topics: Coastal Tourism


OS-D1 » Health and Wellness Tourism (16:30 - Monday, 3rd October, Tavolara Room, Santa Chiara Complex)

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